One Person killed in a Big Storm in Bihac

One person was killed in a big storm that hit the area of ​​Bihac today after a tree branch fell on it, it was confirmed for Klix.ba in the Ministry of the Interior of the Una-Sana Canton.

According to the local media, a large number of people reported to the Cantonal Hospital with various injuries they sustained during the storm.

In one of the main streets of Bihac, traffic was blocked after the wind broke parts of the tree as well as parts of the electricity network.

The strong wind followed by rain caused great material damage in the area of ​​this city, but also in other places in Krajina. As it was told by the police, the damage is still being collected, and the storm has calmed down.

Due to a strong storm that lasted from 20 minutes to half an hour, trees fell, roofs were damaged, and a truck was overturned in Cazin.

Ambulance teams, police, firefighters and electricity services went to the scene.
The storm was also recorded in other parts of the north and northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Photo: Ramo Bunic

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