”Plati koliko možeš, a može i besplatno” – East West Center Sarajevo and BNP Zenica project

East West Center Sarajevo and Bosnian National Theater Zenica have decided to do a very unique project. Every visitor of the theater will set its own prize for the tickets for the comedy ” Mujo, Suljo i Fata u društvu spektakla”. The visitors may also come to the reception of the theater and take their tickets for free.

The idea behind this project is that art belongs to everyone, so East West Center Sarajevo and the Bosnian National Theater in Zenica made a comedy that contributes to public discussions about making effort to save our country from the potential crisis.

There are unfortunately a lot of people in our country that cannot afford the tickets for cultural events, so all of them, including minimum wage workers, retired people and students are all invited to come and use take the tickets for free.

There are also a lot of people who think that the prize of the tickets for theater shows are too low, so within this project, they are also kindly asked to pay as much as they want and in that way show their contribution to the cultural scene in our country.

All frequent visitors that are not in any of these two categories can set their own prize for  the tickets for this theater show.

” Our theater show belongs to every viewer regardless of the class, nation, financial status, social status, or religion. Every viewer is very important and very dear to us. It is very important for us to try to make progress together for a better present and future of this country and all of us living in B&H”- said Haris Pašović, the director of the theater show ” Mujo, Suljo i Fata u društvu spektakla”.

The premiere of this show in Zenica will be held on the 21st December. For the same theater show performance in Sarajevo,  on the 25th December, all interested can make reservations via this telephone number:  060 32 498 70.


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