Police identified Person who wrote Provocative Graffiti on the Mosque in Prijedor

Police in Prijedor identified the person of B.P. initials (1981) suspected of writing a graffiti in the vicinity of the Carsija Mosque.

Federal News Agency states that it is informal that Bojan Pecanac has been interviewed.

From the Prijedor Police Administration, they announced that B.P. is suspected of committing a criminal offense of public provocation and encouragement of violence and hate.

He is suspected of writing the graphite “ISHS”, “NIKA” as well as four Cyrillic letters S on the wall of the auxiliary building-garage located near the religious building and in front of the entrance to the mosque.

After completing and documenting the case against B.P. the Prijedor County Public Prosecutor’s Office will sent a report on the criminal offense of public provocation and incitement to violence and hate.

(Photo: AA)

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