Popular Car “Fico” to celebrate its 62nd Birthday on Bascarsija

The first international fest of “Fico”, a car that used to be a symbol of the former Yugoslavia and the most commonly seen car on the roads of the former state, will take place on Bascarsija, on July 29. The occasion for Fiat – Fico Fest is the celebration of its jubilee, the 62nd birthday of this, for many, favorite car of all times.

The organizer of the event is the Association of car lovers Fico – the club from Sarajevo and they announced the participation of a hundred drivers and vehicles.

Fadil Cerimagic from the Association of car lovers Fico said that vehicles from Italy, Spain, and England will take part in this Fico Fest.

“There is enormous interest because Fico is still a favorite car to many people. We will have 12 vehicles exhibited from our country only, and guests from the region and other countries of Europe will be visiting us as well. Everyone will have the opportunity to see Fico cars in all colors and various models, from ordinary to convertible ones,” stated Cerimagic.

The vehicles will be exhibited on the plateau above Sebilj and in front of the Bascarsija Mosque, in the period between 10 AM and 12 PM.

“People are still emotionally attached to Fico, and there are still people who want to take a photo next to this car every time they see it. Fico still represents a great attraction” said Cerimagic.

“Zastava 750” is the official name of this small car, which was much more famous under the name “Fico” in the former Yugoslavia. This model of the car, besides Italy, was also produced in Argentina, Austria, Spain, and Yugoslavia.

(Source: klix.ba)

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