President of RS Milorad Dodik welcomed the Ambassador of China for his valedictory visit

President of RS Milorad Dodik welcomed today to Banja Luka the Ambassador of  People’s Republic of China, Wang Fuguo for his valedictory visit. The President of RS thanked Ambassador Fuguo for the collaboration and his engagement in current issues, which helped in the process of better understanding and improvement of relations of RS, B&H and China in general and wished him a lot of success in his personal and professional life.

On this meeting they talked about the continuation and the intensification of the collaboration between RS and China, especially in the field of economy and culture, for which there is a mutual interest. For that matter, they also talked about a projects which concerns the construction of a thermal power plant ”Stanari” near Doboj and the opening of a Department of Chinese language at the University of East Sarajevo.



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