Recommendations for FBiH Constitutional Changes in May

Expert group for preparation of recommendations for changes of FBiH Constitution in the past period has had a series of meetings with representatives of Government, representatives of the International Community in BiH and with NGOs, said the member of the expert group Mirjana Nadaždin-Defterdarević.

She said that in those talks, the aforementioned representatives gave their views on the changes of FBiH Constitution, and added that all the meetings were consultations.

‘These findings are valuable and they will contribute to the formulation of recommendations we plan to propose to change the Constitution of FBiH. Our goal is to make recommendations that will improve the functioning of FBiH, but that will also be widely supported’, said Nadeždin-Deferdarević.

She adds that the expert group has considered so far several proposals, which FBiH public already know, and said that other proposals are also being considered.

Concerning the activities that follow and the method of the expert group, she said that the group will continue with analyses, and with organising meetings with entity and cantonal institutions and representatives of local authority and NGOs and with representatives of Academic community.

‘We hope that these parallel activities will secure the reliable basis for recommendations that we’ll formulate in the period to come, and that will be known to public in mid May’, said Nadeždin-Deferdarević.

As it is already known, the formation of the expert group was initiated by the US Ambassador to BiH Patrick Moon and this group is supported by the US Embassy and USAID, and it was formed with the task to analyse the current constitution, detect its flaws and make recommendations for the reform of FBiH Constitution.

The expert group consists of  Mirjana Nadaždin-Defterdarević, first FBiH president and a lawyer Krešimir Zubak, university professor KasimTrnka i Mile Lasić and Vehid Šehić .




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