Relocation of Migrants from the ‘Hipodrom’ to temporary Reception Centers

The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs carried out operational activities aimed at controlling the movement and stay of migrants in the area of Velika Kladusa and relocating migrants from the “Hipodrom” location to temporary reception centers for the accommodation of migrants.

Inspectors of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs finished control of the movement and stay of migrants at the “Hipodrom” location, where they found 201 people originally from Afghanistan and Pakistan in an improvised tent settlement, without the minimum necessary conditions for stay.

”Of that number, 171 family members, 27 single men, and 3unaccompanied minors were found. The Service for Foreigners has relocated families with children to temporary reception centers intended for the accommodation of vulnerable categories (Borici and Usivak), while single men were accommodated in temporary reception center Miral, ” it was announced by the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs.

On this occasion, 3 unaccompanied minors were found, and the competent Center for Social Work Velika Kladusa was contactedin order to initiate procedures for determining custody and their further accommodation and care in the Center for Children and Youth Doboj Istok.

Migrants will be provided with adequate health care, and procedures will be carried out in accordance with the setepidemiological measures.

The implemented activity is a continuation of the continuous operational activities of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs on the relocation of migrants from improvised accommodation capacities to temporary reception centers in order to achieve better management of migration processes.


Source: Federalna

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