Ron Haviv apologized to Bosniaks of Bijeljina

Ron HavivAmerican photojournalist Ron Haviv via video link addressed the people who gathered in front of Atik mosque in Janja on the occasion of marking the 25th anniversary of the occupation of Janja and Bijeljina.

Photos of the aggression on BiH that were made by this photographer went all around the world, and especially famous was the photo from Bijeljina when members of the aggressor forces were kicking the bodies of killed victims in the streets.

He said that he tried to prevent war by sending a photo from Bijeljina in the world in 1992, but he failed to do that.

“We media tried to alert, press and shame the world to do something to stop the war. We failed. I’m here today to apologize for that failure,” said Haviv.

He added that the situation escalated with the arrival of Arkan’s “tigers” and that after that the number of murders was increased.

“One side was winning and the other was losing,” said Haviv.

He expressed the hope that children in BiH will build their homeland as it actually deserves.

With all-day activities, yesterday in Janja near Bijeljina was marked the 25th anniversary of the formation of the first concentration camp in BiH “Batkovic” through which passed around 4,000 people. They noted that the April 1992 must not be forgotten in order for that evil not to repeat ever again.

(Source: klix.ba)

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