Sarajevo Bypass: Works on the Overpass Briješće nearing Completion

Briješće Overpass klix.baIn the final phase of construction of LOT 2 project of Sarajevo bypass implemented by the Public Enterprise Roads of B&H, works on the reconstruction of overpass Briješće on the main road M17 are nearing completion.

The process of cross drawing and putting into operation of the complete reinforced concrete prestressed structure of the overpass Briješće started yesterday, and given the complexity of the complete technology and the whole process, it will be continued and finalized today.

When it comes to the technical characteristics of the structure, the span structure consists of three spans with a total length of 56 m (17 m + 22 m + 17 m), with 75 cm thick plate cross section. The cross section of the span structure contains two 3.55 m wide traffic lanes and two footpaths 1.30 m wide. Weight of the span structure with peripheral garlands, footpaths, curbs and hydro insulation is approximately 910 tons.

Contractors are PE Euro-Asfalt Ltd. And Construction Company ŽGP JSC Sarajevo.

(Source: klix.ba)

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