Sarajevo ranks Sixth on the List of most-polluted Cities

According to the world air quality index, Sarajevo ranks sixth in terms of air pollution.

Immediately behind Sarajevo is Pristina, and Belgrade, which is in 15th place.

According to the “Eco-Action” website, the air in Sarajevo this morning is very unhealthy and the quality index is 153.

The air is also unhealthy in Tuzla, where the air quality index is 167, in Zenica 168, Lukavac 161, Ilijas 183, Visoko 169 and Zivinice 154.

This morning at 9.00 am, moderately polluted air is in Jajce, where the quality index is 91, and in Gorazde 89.

If the air is in the category – unhealthy, the appearance of increased symptoms and intensity of the disease is possible in people with heart and respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Everyone else could start to feel the negative impact of pollution on health.

Lung and heart patients, pregnant women, children and the elderly should reduce any physical activities outdoors, and prolonged or increased stress during their stay outside should be avoided by everyone else, Vijesti.ba and RTRS report.

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