Srebrenica Mother who lost her entire Family in Genocide passed away

After a long and serious illness, Hatidza Mehmedovic, the president of the Association “Mothers of Srebrenica”, passed away at the University Clinical Center in Sarajevo.

Mehmedovic was known as a person who lost her husband, two sons, brother and numerous relatives in Srebrenica genocide, but she remained firm in her fight for justice and truth about what happened in July 1995.

“Our mother and a great fighter for the truth about Srebrenica genocide, Hatidza Mehmedovic, passed away at 7:30 p.m. We pray the God to be merciful, and to join her with her sons in heaven,” as noted in a brief statement of the Majlis of Islamic Community of Srebrenica.

Mehmedovic often noted her hope that events from Srebrenica will not be repeated to anyone or anywhere else.

“Every person has the right to live, and the perpetrators of those crimes have to accept the responsibility for the genocide they have committed. Although we are not satisfied with many verdicts, the perpetrators have to take responsibility for the crimes they committed,” she said on one occasion.

The exact date and time of the funeral will be announced later.

(Source: klix.ba)


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