Stray Dog Drogo from Sarajevo became a real Star in Scotland

The stray dog Drogo was rescued from the streets of Sarajevo and taken to the island of Arran in Scotland, where he was adopted by one family. A half-breed German Shepherd became the most famous dog in the country because he managed to escape during his very first walk and they are trying to capture him and return home for seven months now, as reported by Telegraph.

The owner Emma Campbell wanted to give love and a warm home to this dog, but as soon as she took him for a walk for the first time and opened the door of the car, he escaped.

She even adopted his sister, Goldie, in a hope that he will return because of their family ties, but he seems determined in his intention to just wander the island.

He became a famous dog, and the locals are regularly reporting where did they see him, and they are following the adventures of a one-year-old dog through the cameras. He was recorded near the trap, and 20 meters from his house, but he always decided to continue with his adventures and find some new ones.

“He passed many kilometers and survived a rough winter. He is trying to find food and shelter. He is very scared and he never barked on anyone,” said the owner.

She saw Drogo on the Facebook for the first time and fell in love with him.

“He was placed in a dog shelter in a very bad condition. I have only rescued dogs from the UK so far, but I sympathized with him and decided to bring him here,” she said.

Campbell, her husband Alan and two children decided to ask the capturing team for help, and they are planning to return to the island with more traps because of the sheep season that is coming soon.

(Source: klix.ba)


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