Students bought a Goat and fulfilled the Wish of a Boy

received_1732562340313776While watching the show, “Ispuni mi zelju (Fulfill me a wish),” in which the boy expressed his wish to get a goat, students of 4th grade (IV2) of the Mining School in Tuzla, together with their class teacher Sifet Saric, decided to buy the goat for the family Hadzikic from Stupari. Young boys from the Mining School realized the wish of their son.

The students collected 150 BAM from their pocket money. While talking with seller, they explained their intention. “We wanted to buy a goat to a seven-member family in which no one works, and there is disease as well. Their son lost his sight,” explained students of the Mining School.

The seller decided to lower the price for students and be part of this story. For the rest 50 BAM, students bought the basic necessities for life.
They visited the modest but honest house of family Hadzikic and fulfill the desire of their little boy.

The students said that they feel very happy because they managed to surprise this Bosnian family. They emphasized that this will not be their last humanitarian activity.
“We are proud of our students with a great heart, we are proud of their empathy towards the other,” said their professor Almira Derdemez.
(Source: bhstring.net)

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