Support Progress of Knowledge of Educators in RS

The Pestalozzi Program of the Council of Europe offers a good opportunity for educators in the RS to improve and enhance their knowledge and skills, said the RS Minister for Education and Culture Goran Mutabdžija at the reception for the Director of the Program of the Council of Europe Jozef Huber and the Head of the Council of Europe in Bih Mary Ann Hennessey.

Support for today’s conference, entitled “Presenting the Pestalozzi Program of the Council of Europe: Challenges and Prospects”, was expressed, as well as future cooperation when it comes to the training of teachers in the framework of this program.

The Director of the Program Jozef Huber expressed his satisfaction at the initiative of the RS for the promotion of the program that “encourages education for life in different democratic socieities”.

“The Pestalozzi Program conducts international training to strengthen human capacity and training at the local level, because the goal of the program is to work with practitioners where they are located”, said Huber.

Mary Ann Hennessey spoke of the importance of education in modern societies and specific obligations of BiH in continuing education reform that has a fundamental importance in society devoid of segregation and discrimination.

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