Take a Look at the Villa of a Man from Sarajevo worth 48 Million USD

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John Z. Blazevich, a born Sarajevan, owns a luxurious villa in California whose worth was estimated to 48 million USD.

After 17 years of construction, Blazevich made his dream come true and he built one of the most luxurious villas on the U.S. soil. Hacienda de la Paz is located near Los Angeles and its construction cost millions of dollars. According to the U.S. media, this lavish villa is the 36th largest villa in the USA.

โ€œI was planning on staying here forever, but as I am getting older the life gives new opportunities,โ€ said Blazevich.

The main house has nine bedrooms and 25 bathrooms, as well as a stunning view of the ocean.

Blazevich purchased the lot of land where the luxurious villa is now built back in 1993. The construction took 17 years to complete. The house was designed by the Spanish architect Rafael Manzano Martos.

Born in Sarajevo, John Z. Blazevich moved to California as a child. There he studied finances and marketing. Soon he established the company Contessa Premium Foods, which soon became the main distributor of frozen food in North America. Today he is the president of the group Viva! Food.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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