Teaching Children with Disabilities how to swim

swimmCoach and founder of the Swimming Club SPID Amel Kapo could not even imagine how much joy he will bring to little heroes when he started giving swimming classes to children and persons with disabilities.

This graduate coach of sports and physical education (FASTO) is teaching 18 kids and adults with disabilities how to swim, completely free of charge!

Kapo says that this job takes love, patience, and above all psychological preparation because he is working with the most sensitive category – children. Together with his friend and colleague, Kapo is entirely committed to his students.

Unfortunately, not many people support such projects. However, there are those who recognized the value and greatness of one such venture, such as the company Bosnalijek which is the first and so far the only company which provided help.

“Bosnalijek is the only company which recognized the value of this project and, following the concept of socially responsible operating, helped the club which needed help. We thank them a lot, hoping that others will help as well,” Kapo said.

Watch the short video made during a visit to the training in the Swimming Club SPID.

(Source: fokus.ba/photo: cazin.net)

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