The Budget of Banja Luka finally adopted in the Amount of 149.7 Million BAM

After several hours of debate during Wednesday night, the Assembly of Banja Luka adopted the city budget for this year of 149.7 million BAM.

The parliamentary majority adopted the SNSD amendments, which were unacceptable for the mayor of Banja Luka, Drasko Stanivukovic, and which envisage the allocation of one million BAM from the budget for pro-natal policy, and 2.7 million BAM for one-time support to health workers.

The decision on the execution of the budget for 2021 and the conclusion on the early entry into force of the decision on the adoption of the city budget for 2021 was made.

Also, the Assembly adopted a decision on determining the property tax rate in the area of Banja Luka for 2021. An amendment to this decision, proposed by the SNSD-led parliamentary majority, was adopted, and the document envisions reducing the tax rate by 50 percent in order to make it easier for businessmen to work during a coronavirus pandemic.

As Stanivukovic said earlier, the amendment of the United Srpska to increase the funds for current grants for the work of veterans ‘organizations and projects and programs of veterans’ and other organizations by the amount of 50.000 BAM is completely acceptable.

He stated that the amendment of the Councilors’ Club Demos that suggest incentive funds for the development of agriculture and realization of projects in the field of agriculture to be in the amount of 935.100 BAM instead of 835.100 BAM is completely reasonable to him.

Mladen Ilic, the President of the City Assembly, ended the work of the Third Extraordinary Session of the City Assembly of Banja Luka, Klix.ba writes.


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