The large Eco Regatta at the Drina in BiH gathered close to 300 Participants from all over the World

More than 280 mostly young people from different parts of theworld yesterday participated in the large event Eco Regatta on river Drina. More than 40 boats moved from Modran on Ustikolina, and the ride along the beautiful river took several hours.

Participants came from different countries in Europe, America, Australia, and Africa, and the goal of the all-day regatta was to promote the Drina as a tourist potential, but also to popularize this type of recreation in the eastern part of our country.

“Boating on the Drina rapids is attracting more and more attention and has aroused great interest this year. The impressions of the participants are great. We hope that this will become a tradition and that local authorities will recognize our enthusiasm and in the following period will help the Eco-Drina regatta organization which is currently the only tourist event in this city on the Drina, ” said Dzenis Culov, the organizer of the regatta.

The aim of the regatta is to raise the environmental awareness of citizens due to the poor condition of the river bank and the accumulated garbage.

“The Drina is unused and we do not want to use it only as a wastewater collector but to make it a tourist destination that will be visited by people from all over the world. The Drina is beautiful and we want to show that it has tourist potential. In this way we promote its beauty, but also point out everything that is not fair to this river since people are literally burying in the garbage, the shores have become wild dumps and it no longer makes sense, some steps must be taken. That is why regatta has prefix ‘eco’ because we are trying to raise environmental awareness and return to nature, ” pointed out Culov, Klix.ba writes.


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