Tomislavgrad: Charity Auction/Exhibition of Art Paintings and Photos – 2 665 BAM Collected

TomislavgradTomislavgrad – in the City Gallery in Tomislavgrad, yesterday evening a charity auction/exhibition of art paintings and photos entitled “It’s important to be human” was held. This event was organized by the HDZ 1990 Youth.

All those who love art work, and all those who wish to help had the chance to see and buy the works of academic and amateur artists Enis Redžepagić Heko, Ivica Jurčević, Tomislav Madunić, Hrvoje Zrno, Dragica Pranjić, Silva Dukić, Ante Braovac, Zdravka MIhojević as well as the works of the photography artists from Duvno, Matijas Jurčević and Davor Đikić.

All of them gave their works into charity purposes where at the auction 2665 BAM was collected.

“I am proud of such a successful auction. We have collected more money than we expected. The funds will be donated to the socially endangered families in our municipality, in cooperation with the Tomislavgrad, Livno and Drvar Centre for social care. – said the president of the HDZ 1990 Youth and the commissary of the Municipality Board of HDZ 1990 Tomislavgrad, Marija Kraljević.

(Source: Fena)

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