Tourists Enjoy this Year’s First Entry into the Cave Blagaj

cave Ibrahim Balalić, President of the Sports and Tourism Club, “Blagaj City”, made the final preparations today for the tourism season together with his team in the southern Bosnian village-town of Blagaj. The tourism season for Blagaj will last until October 1st this year.

Today marks the first year’s entry into the cave where the Buna River springs are located. The site is a special attraction for tourists from B&H, Europe, and the rest of the world.

“The club gathers citizens together to socialize, and spread the popularity of watersports and sports on land. The price for entrance into the cave is 4 BAM per person; the depth of the cave is 25 to 30 meters. Tourists who arrive to Blagaj for the first time enjoy this activity the most,’’ says Balalić.

cave3All tourist activities in Blagaj have been taking place for the past three years.

“Our club, among its many different activities, offers the launching of boats or canoes down the rivers of Buna and Bunica. We are officially starting with this activity offer on Saturday; it is the activity most enjoyed by foreigners,’’ explains Balalić.



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