Vans with Nineteen Coffins with Remains of Srebrenica Genocide Victims to arrive in Potocari Today

Three vans with 19 coffins of the remains of Srebrenica victims who were killed in July 1995, when genocide was committed in the Srebrenica enclave, a United Nations (UN) protected zone, will leave the Visoko-based company "Gradska groblja" today.

Since 2003, that company has been in charge of equipping coffins and mortal remains that are moving to final rest.

The director of the company, Kenan Karavdic, said that this year they did it with the Commemorative Center from Tuzla.

"This year, a total of 19 remains have been identified, whose families have given their consent for burial," said Karavdic, adding that there are still many identified and incomplete bodies for which families do not give their consent for burial.

He pointed out that this year the number of persons attending funeral was reduced, due to the epidemiological situation, but that no one would be returned from the funeral.

"The convoy of vehicles with coffins will leave Visoko, after which they will stop in Ilijas and Vogosca. It is planned that they will be in Sarajevo in front of the Presidency of BiH at 12.00 ", announced Karavdic.
In front of the Presidency of BiH, they will move towards the monument to the killed children of Sarajevo, then Markale and then towards Potocari, through Sokolac, Vlasenica and Milic, Fena news agency writes.

The oldest person to be buried this year is Husein Kurbasic, who was 63 years old.

Azmir Osmanovic and Fikret Kiveric were minors, aged 16 and 17. Zilha Delic is the only woman who will be buried this year, she was 24 years old, and father and son Hajro and Jusuf Aljic will be buried.

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