Most Watched Sports Event in 2014 in Bosnia and Herzegovina in front of 30.000 Spectators

sarajevoAs 2014 is coming to its end, in this period achieved results are being summarized. The most watched sports event in 2014 in our country was the first game of UEFA Europa League play-off on the Asim Ferhatovic stadium where Sarajevo played against Borussia Monchengladbach and was cheered by around 30.000 spectators.
Sarajevo was defeated in the match with the German club with a score of 2:3. However, it will be remembered that the captain Dupovac with his team provided a great game against the favorized guests.
Spectators have left the biggest Bosnian stadium pleased by the game they saw. The elected players by the former coach Dzenan Uscuplic have created a lot of opportunities.
Goals for Sarajevo were achieved by Puzigaca and Duljevic. In both cases they equalized the result to 1:1, and 2:2.
The team from Kosevo had a great support on that August night, and especially impressive was the choreography from the north grandstand. How impressive it was proves the fact that the official Facebook page of Tifo TV had released a photo of the north grandstand.
Also, east and west grandstands were constantly giving support, they were 12th player of Sarajevo.
Before the match against Borussia, Sarajevo eliminated Norwegian Haugesund and unexpectedly Greek Artromitos.

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