Weather Troubles: “Čudna Šuma” Festival Relocated

festival-cudna-suma-u-ekoselu-ecofutura_1409232085The eco-festival “Čudna šuma” (“Strange forest”) which supposed to be held next weekend in EcoFutura is relocated to a “Strange Hangar” at Socijalno, within the ex-factory Vaso Miskin Crni.

The organizers said that it had to be this way because the bad weather forecast.

Due to limitations in space and the changed destination, only the bands will perform and the concerts start at 21:00 o’clock.

The Strange forest will host many famous names of the regional music scene among which: Edo Maajka, Letu Štuke,Rundek Cargo Trio, Laka, Rambo Amadeus, SkrozSikter, Billy Andol, Strava školaTBF,Darkwood DubProtestAnarhiv

(Source: Radio Sarajevo)

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