What happened with Swiss Felix Berger who reported missing in Sarajevo?

Swiss Felix Berger, reported missing in Sarajevo, missed Bus and went back to HostelSwiss Felix Berger who had been reported missing in Sarajevo was found soon after announced search.

Thanks to the published texts followed by alerts from citizens, Swiss Felix Berger was found. He missed the bus, went back to city and checked into hostel without informing anyone. Due to his condition he did not understand what fuss he had caused”, wrote Felix’s family friend.

As a reminder, police was notified that Felix Berger, a 55-year-old Swiss who suffers from diabetes and is a person with special needs, went missing during his trip to B&H.

Berger was last seen on Tuesday, around 8 o’clock in the morning, on the platform 11 at bus station in Sarajevo where he was supposed to buy a ticket and board the Kantić Touristik Company’s bus to travel to Zurich. Berger’s family went to greet him at the bus station and found out that he never boarded the bus. They reported his disappearance to the police in Bern, Switzerland. Felix’s nephew David arrived in Sarajevo where he reported his disappearance to Sarajevo police who launched an intensive search that gave a positive result.

His family was especially worried because Berger is a person in autistic spectrum, but specific disease was never accurately diagnosed. He is capable of independent life and travels often but due to his gullibility he has been a victim of robbery several times. He sometimes talks to himself and is an avid smoker.

(source: klix.ba)

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