Youth gathered and cleaned the Area around Neretva River

Members of the “Ostajem-Visici” association from Capljina have cleaned the area around in the past few days and have responded to the environmental challenge of the #trashtag, which has become a global garbage cleaning action.

Twenty-one volunteers took part in the cleaning and gathered over 100 bags of garbage and other large waste, totaling over 20 m3 of plastic bottles, rubber, mattresses, nylon, plastic bags…

The youngest members of the association have set up signs that says for visitors not to throw garbage, but unfortunately, as they say, just a few hours after they finished cleaning, a truck was seen unloading construction waste in the Neretva River area.

However, they point out that they have not been discouraged and that the next project will be the construction of the ramps to prevent irresponsible ones to continue polluting nature.

The Association remembers that this beautiful location along the Neretva River was cleaned from garbage a few years ago, but that the irresponsible behavior of individuals at the banks of the Neretva River again transformed it into a wild landfill.

They also point out that more and more ecological movements and associations have emerged in recent years, but there are more and more wild landfills and wonder where the money is going for certain ecological projects.

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