Quality products are changing the Image of BiH abroad!

Zlatna DzezvaZlatna džezva (Golden pot) ‘case study’ was presented last night in framework of UniCredit CEE Lounge as part of the Elite Group of the London Stock Exchange program.

‘Case study’ of Golden pot, owned by  Vispak dd Visoko is a continuation of implementation of the program started six months ago, when Klas dd Sarajevo as a member of AS GROUP entered in UniCredit CEE Lounge.  UniCredit CEE Lounge represents an innovative initiative that allows ambitious private companies to accelerate their growth.

On-line lectures, exchange of experience and preparation lasted for several months. The theme of one of the modules of a case study of the Golden pot was “innovation and internationalization of products”.

The conclusions of the study point out that the internationalization of the Golden pot is going in the right direction. First, spreading towards ethno – supermarkets, and then working on improving the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina itself, and later, on the other segments of the international market as well. Moreover, it was concluded that the AS GROUP is one of the drivers of change of the current image of BiH in the sense that consumers do not identify themselves only as a politically unstable region, but also the area with specific culture and quality products.

UniCredit CEE Lounge is a part of a successful program Elite Group of the London Stock Exchange, and was launched in 2015.

“We are confident about the global potential of the brand Golden pot, and so we are very proud because we got the opportunity to participate in London Stock Exchange and that UniCredit recognized us as an ambitious company with potential for growth and development. Bosnia and Herzegovina definitely has something to offer to regional and global markets. Our specialties are our competitive advantage,” is said in the statement of Vispak dd from Visoko.

(Source: biznisinfo)

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