How much does a Family spent on a monthly basis in BiH?

food BH USAThe results of the survey investigating the household budget in BiH, conducted by the BiH Statistics Agency in 2015, shows that the average household had 2.9 members and spent 1.408,04, BAM on a monthly basis. To be more precise, 415.76 BAM was spent for food and drinks and 992.28 BAM for non-food products and services.

The results of the survey show that compared to 2011, the average monthly consumption in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2015 was decreased by 10.3%. During this period, the average household size was reduced by 0.2%, while households’ proportion of households that save their income has increased by 28.4% to 18.2%.

The largest share of monthly consumption is given for food and non-alcoholic beverages (28.8%) and housing, electricity, gas and other energy (27.4%). Other major expenses relate to transport (9.3%) and other products and services (6.7%).

In 2015, the relative poverty rate of the population was lower than in 2011 (16.3% versus 17.9%). During this period the poverty rate was smaller in both entities (Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska) and greater in the Brcko District.

The survey was conducted in 2015 on a representative sample of 7,702 randomly selected households from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Selected households were divided into monthly samples.

(Source: klix)

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