120 People to be employed in Srebrenica Municipality in the beginning of the Year


The Mayor of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujicic, said in a New Year’s message to citizens that last year, 120 people were employed in this municipality in the economy and public sector, and that another 120 employees will be employed in six registered companies, which will soon start operating. Also, Spa Guber is expected to start working this year.

Dacit company will open a quarry in Zanik near Srebrenica in the spring, where it will build a stone wool production plant, and more than 30 workers will get the job.

The municipality has invested 220,000 BAM for the renovation of the hall in Potocari and will give these facilities to the investors of the timber industry, who will employ a certain number of workers.

“And for the reconstruction of one facility at the entrance to the city, we invested 230,000 BAM and gave it to the garment company “6. November ”from Zvornik, where 30 women work today, and more are planned to be employed. We also expect to start production at the factory for the production of French fries, where in the first phase the work will get 20 workers,” emphasized Grujicic.

He added that the Republika Srpska government has formed a five-member expert team, which is already working on launching Guber Spa. The first step in this project was to return the Guber water concession to the RS Government.

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