A large Number of Tourists interested in War Events in BiH

A large number of tourists are interested in war events in our country, so it is no wonder that they are especially interested for war places such as Sarajevo war tunnel, which was of crucial importance for citizens of Sarajevo during the war.

Edis Kolar, from whose basement the digging of the tunnel started, today works in the museum consisted of his house and Tunnel of hope, which is state-owned. He emphasized that the first tourist visited tunnel in 2005, and even 80.000 tourists visited it in the last year.

tunnelOne of those who has a job in this field is also Abid Jasar, who transported ammunition during the war. Today, he is selling magnets to tourists who come to visit the tunnel and museum next to his house.

Visit to Srebrenica, where more than 8.000 Bosniaks were killed in a genocide in just few days in July 1995, is also in offer.

In Mostar, tourists are posing next to “Never forget ’93“ sign, which is a tribute to thousands of killed civilians but also a reminder on the destruction of the Old Bridge.

Some tourists are surprised with the fact that they can buy souvenirs featuring war motives, for example on bullet casings, while it is a great souvenir for some, and those can be bought in stores across the BiH.

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