Little Boy Emir needs Help of Good People

The nine-year-old Emir Buza is suffering from a rare form of lymph cancer and until today, his family managed to collect 220,000 BAM, and the rest is planned to be collected by his father Almir Buza with various humanitarian concerts that will take place in Vogosca and Sweden.

Emir is currently in isolation, and an apartment where he will be in the next two weeks is being prepared. There, he will start the second round of chemotherapy. The total amount of money needed for surgery is 168,000 euros, and so far, more than 200,000 BAM has been collected.

Almir Buza, little boy’s father, is a musician who has participated in numerous humanitarian actions for others, as well as hundreds of humanitarian concerts. Colleagues have not forgotten his kindness and they will do the same for him.

The first concert will take place on Thursday at the Sports Hall “Amel Beckovic” in Vogosca. Numerous musicians will perform at this humanitarian concert: Jala Brat, Amar Gile, Armin Bijedić, Amel Ćurić, Semir Jahić, Mirza Selimović, Dj Dzalta, Anid Čušić, Ibro Bublin, Sara Jelaš, Elmedin Kadrispahić, Armin Dedić, Ruža Efendić, Elvedina Šehić, Armin Čohodar, Lejla Zahirović, Fatmir Sulejmani, Faruk Duran, Gori bend, Emrah Emšo and Lana Vukićević.

The day after, on October 12th, the musicians will sing in “Dukat club” in Gothenburg in Sweden. In Vienna, on October 20th, there will be a big concert by Enes Begovic, Viki Miljkovic and Armina Bijedic, and the organizer will collect funds there as well.

The organization Pomozi.ba opened number 17007, where 2 BAM can be donated. This is a unique number for all operators.


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