14 most modern Cameras active at the Wilson’s Promenade

Vilsonovo-šetalište1Wilson’s Promenade in Sarajevo is lately becoming a place where local criminals rob and harass the citizens of Sarajevo during the night. It was announced from the Municipality Novo Sarajevo that there are currently 14 most modern cameras in function at the Wilson’s Promenade.

For several years now, the Municipality Novo Sarajevo in cooperation with the Second Police Station has been implementing projects aimed at increasing general and property safety of the citizens.

The project of video surveillance of public areas, which was being implemented in three stages until now, is a form of successful cooperation and support that the Municipality Novo Sarajevo has been providing for the Second Police Station since 2012.

“Until now, 14 latest cameras equipped with infrared devices have been installed in the Municipality Novo Sarajevo, and they are working 24 hours a day. The control of the cameras is being carried out from the supervisory control centre of the Second Police Station Novo Sarajevo, which is an integral part of this project”, it was announced from the Municipality.

As stated, this is one of the strategic projects of the Municipality Novo Sarajevo for which nearly 150.000 BAM have been spent so far, actually 50.000 BAM for each stage.

“The aim of the mentioned project is the control of traffic in movement at the most important frequencies, then the control of the school yards, and the reduction in the number of criminal offenses. By installing the video surveillance of the public areas in the Municipality Novo Sarajevo the identification of attackers is enabled, thus increasing the level of safety of the students, citizens and buildings”, it was stated from the Municipality.

Four video cameras are installed at the Wilson’s Promenade, from the Historical Museum to the Elektroprivreda B&H, and in the coming period two more cameras will be installed.

The third stage of the public areas video surveillance project is in progress and, based on the contract signed with the company MIBO Komunikacije Ltd. Sarajevo, four additional cameras will be installed in the Municipality Novo Sarajevo, as well as the displays at the premises of the Second Police Station Novo Sarajevo.

(Source: klix.ba)

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