Assembly failed to choose New State Investigation and Protection Agency Director


Members of the Independent Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina  Parliamentary Assembly held talks on Monday in Sarajevo with candidates who meet the requirements of a public competition for the election of a new State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) director, as incumbent director Perica Stanic will stop working on November 5th.

However, as Enes Obralija, chairman of the Independent Committee, explained to Patria News Agency, although it was announced, no final ranking list with the names of the candidates was established. The Independent Committee has received information stating that some members of the Independent Committee are prepared to knowingly violate BiH laws because one of the candidates has conditions for retirement.

Members of the Independent Committee considered in September the applications submitted to the SIPA director selection contest and found that of the five candidates, four were eligible.

The reports were submitted by the current SIPA director Stanic, RS police director Darko Culum, former SIPA director Goran Zubac, and Trebinje police officer Zarko Laketa.

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