Expulsion Order issued for Sixteen Foreign Nationals who pose a Threat to Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina

During this year, the Service for Foreigners Affairs of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina received information from the competent security agencies that 16 foreign nationals pose a threat to public order or security of our country.

“The measure of expulsion was imposed on seven foreign citizens who resided in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the other nine were determined not to reside on the territory of the state,” the Service replied, Detektor.ba reports.

According to the information from the competent Service, three citizens of Serbia and Montenegro and one citizen of Iran were expelled due to the threat to state security.

“Among the expelled persons is one woman and one migrant,” the Service said.

The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs states that foreign citizens, after the expulsion measure, are placed under supervision in the Immigration Center, where they have stayed or are staying until the conditions for removal from the territory of BiH are met.

“Foreign nationals who have been determined not to reside on the territory of our country have been entered in official records as foreigners who pose a threat to public order or security of the state and will be prevented from entering the state,” the service said.

As stated on the official website of the Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSA BiH), security threats are threats from terrorism, espionage, sabotage, organized crime, acts punishable under international humanitarian law and acts of organized violence or intimidation of national or religious group.

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