SABNOR supports Benjamina Karic’s Candidacy for the Mayor of Sarajevo

The Alliance of Anti-Fascists and Fighters of the People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in BiH gives full support to Benjamina Karic’s candidacy for mayor of Sarajevo. In a press release, SABNOR states that they were pleased with the news that the new candidate for mayor of Sarajevo is Benjamina Karic, a young activist of the Alliance of Anti-Fascists and Fighters of the People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

”Her biography speaks best about her expertise, professional work and results. We, the anti-fascists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, giving full support to this candidacy, want to emphasize that such a personnel solution is a hope for all young people of this country, a hope for all its citizens, because it testifies that work, knowledge, ability and competence begin to be appreciated,” it was stated in the press release.

The commission of the Sarajevo SDP party unanimously decided that doc.dr. Benjamina Karic to be the new proposal of the SDP BiH for the mayor of Sarajevo. Karic was born in 1991 in Sarajevo, she has been a member of the SDP since the age of 18, and since 2019 she has been the party’s vice president. 

She graduated from two faculties at the same time, the Faculty of Law and the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy. She is the winner of the Silver Badge for exceptional success in undergraduate and postgraduate studies – it is stated in the announcement of SDP Sarajevo. 

It is added that she is known to the public as the youngest doctor of law in BiH and the first post-war doctor of classical Roman law. Also, she is the author of more than fifty publications, books, articles and translations from Latin. 

She has been engaged in academic work since the end of her studies and has passed the titles of demonstrator, assistant, senior assistant and assistant professor. Fluent in English and German. 

“Taking into account that the Statute of the City of Sarajevo prescribes obligations regarding the national affiliation of the leadership of the City Council and the City Administration, according to the national affiliation of doc.dr. Karic declares herself as the Others. 

Benjamina Karic comes from a family that depicts the multinational Sarajevo, the statement reads. 

“We have decided on a person who will lead the City with his energy and knowledge. 

The candidacy of doc.dr. Benjamine Karic shows what kind of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina the SDP BiH wants to see. 

”We are convinced that Benjamina Karic will be the mayor Sarajevo deserves: educated, ambitious, respected in society, eloquent, fair, young and successful, broad-minded, tolerant and compassionate, and a true social democrat, “the statement said.

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