Palmer: Supporting and Encouraging long-term Economic Development in BiH

The US Special Representative for the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer visited the largest agro-industrial complex in Bosnia and Herzegovina and met with STUDEN Holding CEO Ilija Studen.

The topic of the meeting was the investments of STUDEN Holding in the countries of the Western Balkans. Principal Deputy High Representative and Brcko District Supervisor, Michael Scanlan attended the meeting also.

“Supporting and encouraging long-term economic development in BiH and in the countries of the region is our priority position. STUDEN Holding creates business opportunities that connect markets, and that is a confirmation of successful investments,” said Palmer.

“STUDEN Holding’s business plans include various investments, primarily in production, distribution and logistics, which enable our business model to positively affect the economic environment of the countries in which we operate. The group’s engagement starts from Austria, where our headquarters are located, and in the past 30 years the focus of production investments has been in the Western Balkans, primarily in BiH, Serbia and Slovenia,” said the President of the STUDEN Group Ilija Studen.

The Principal Deputy High Representative and Supervisor for the Brcko District, Michael Scanlan, emphasized the importance of recent economic developments in the District, which he believes will affect the whole of BiH, drawing attention to the Brčko first business zone project.

“Through the initiative and investment of the STUDEN Group, the first phase in the construction of the business zone will be realized this year, which is a great infrastructural resource for the economy in general,” Scanlan emphasized.

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