Medieval Town of Ostrozac: A Meeting Point of the East and the West

The cultural and historical heritage of the medieval town of Ostrozac is attracting public attention in the last few decades. The most responsible for this fact is Almir Kurtovic from Bihac, who just fell in love with this magnificent architectural building, which made him to fully devote himself to reveal all of its secrets. From this love came a very important piece of work whose promotion is expected soon, the book “Noble Berks and Ostrozac – Traces of a Family”.

“The idea to write a book came ten years ago. It happened when I found a key document about acquiring the property of Berks family in BiH – or the purchase of orbital and abandoned town of Ostrozac in the National Archive of BiH. I am dealing with the topic of Ostrozac for over 20 years now, and I have been working on the book for over 4 years, and now this capital work is finally in the daylight and it is available to the general public,” said Kurtovic.

It is a science-popular work and those who have already read it are sure that it will delight many lovers of Bosanska Krajina, its natural, cultural and historical values. The book is interesting with its content as well as its shape, and it provides the culmination of enjoyment to those who appreciate this kind of historic buildings and values.

The importance of the town of Ostrozac for Krajina and the whole BiH is reflected not only in its cultural and historical sense, but in its tourist and political sense as well, since it can represent a connection between BiH and Turkey and Austria, and which can be realized through quality tourist offer.

“Well you see, the importance of the historic ensemble of Ostrozac, which besides the castle also has an Ottoman city, the medieval fortress, the sculpture park, is huge. It was crowned by the reconstruction of Berks Castle, and something more beautiful than that could not even happen. The abandoned castle and its garden became an open-air gallery, and the world’s artists engraved their works in the stone. Its construction dates back to the Austro-Hungarian period. This Austro-Hungarian sense that you can feel at every step in Austria, it is celebrated, respected, and really lived there – it is a real brand there! Ostrozac can be a real brand of Krajina as well – it is a real shame to have one and only castle in our vicinity, and not to use it. I would like to help to my friends, who are willing to take Ostrozac, with the aim to provide a good content for the general public, i.e. visitors from our country as well as abroad. Ostrozac would be something really special,” concluded Kurtovic.


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