20 Million Euros in BiH For Financing Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

intesa_san_paolo_bihIntesa Sanpaolo Bank d.d. BiH and the European Investment Bank (IEB) signed an agreement on a new credit line of 20 million euros for financing small and medium-sized businesses and for projects of local communities and infrastructure in BiH.

“This is the continuation of many years of successful cooperation of our banks and IEB in the financing of BiH projects. From these loans, at least 70 percent of the amount will be earmarked for the financing of businesses, as well as small and medium infrastructure projects that promote local governance, and for industrial investment in the areas of energy, infrastructure, environmental protection, health, education and the service sector’’, said the Director of Intesa BiH Almir Krkalić on the occasion of the signing of the contract.

Intesa BiH is a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, and offers services for around 150.000 clients through a network of 49 branches and 5 subsidiaries.

The European Investment Bank is a financial institution of the European Union that approves long-term funding, and is owned by member states. EIB provides long-term funding for effective investment in achieving policy objectives of the EU. Strong creditworthiness of the EIB is reflected in high-quality assets, strong capital basis, strong liquidity, shareholder support, conservative risk management and quality strategic funding.

Shareholders of EIB and EU member states approved a capital increase worth 10 billion euros on 31 December 2012.

Intesa Sanpaolo is a leader in Italy in all business areas (business with retail operations, legal and other financial services). Thanks to a very extensive network of 5,300 branches throughout Italy, Intesa offers a wide range of services to about 10,9 million clients.

At the international level, Intesa is focused on Central-Eastern Europe (including BiH) and in the Mediterranean region, where it operates in 12 countries through sister banks (with more than 1,500 branches and 8,3 million clients), announced Intesa Sanpaolo Bank BiH.

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