255 Apartments to be built for Displaced Persons in 18 BH Municipalities

Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees of the FBiH, Edin Ramic, signed cooperation agreement on implementation of the Subproject BiH 6 within the State project of residential care together with mayors of 18 municipalities in BiH.

A total of 255 apartments will be constructed for displaced persons and refugees in 18 municipalities within this project, and it is implemented within the capacities of Regional Housing Programme (RHP).

Municipalities included in the subproject are Bosanska Krupa (12 apartments), Capljina (30), Domaljevac-Samac (9), Donji Vakuf (9), Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje (9), Gracanica (12), Jajce (9), Kalesija (20), Kladanj (9), Kljuc (9), Lukavac (9), Novi Travnik (12), Odzak (20), Orasje (25), Sapna (9), Vares (9), Vogosca (27) and Zavidovici (16).

BiH planed its own participation in the amount of 3.42 million EUR for this, the largest subproject so far, whose expenses were estimated at 18.22 million EUR in total, with the 14.8 million EUR donation of the RHP Fund.

“After delivering proposal, funds were approved for the Subproject BiH 6. Therefore, the total number of displaced persons in BiH, for whose residential care funds were provided, was increased to more than 3,000 families, i.e. around 11,000 people. We are getting closer to the goal with this agreement, which is providing residential care for 1,200 families this year,” said Minister Ramic.

Regional Housing Programme is a joint initiative of BiH, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, whose main goal is to provide residential care and return of displaced persons all over the region. Program foresees residential solutions for more than 27, 000 households of refugees and displaced persons in four countries, i.e. 74,000 people in total.

(Source: klix.ba)

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