3.250 New Parking Spaces in the Next Five Years in Sarajevo

podzemna_garazaIn Sarajevo 3.250 new parking spaces in the next five years are expected to be built. The Minister of Transport of Sarajevo Canton Jusuf Bubica stressed that certain activities have been initiated in order for every year, starting from 2014, to build one underground garage in Sarajevo Canton.

Quality documentation and the solution of property issues is underway, so that garages could be given over to a tender and so that the situation with the underground garage near the National Theatre, which before construction began did not have the necessary documentation, would not be repeated again.

“1.750 parking spaces are in Sarajevo Canton and the plan is that in the next five years the number would be increased to 5.000. At least 1.000 parking spaces are planned to be in the form of underground garages. That would mean that Sarajevo Canton would have 4.000 parking spaces”, said Bubica.


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