B&H is the Host of the European Championship B-Division for Basketball Players Up to 20 Years Old

Juniori 2012B&H will host the European Championship B Division 2014 for basketball players up to 20 years old, announced FIBA.

After having organized the European Championship for players up to 16 and 18 years old, B&H has earned the confidence of FIBA to host the competition of players up to 20 years old. B&H in this competition will try to win the placement for A division. Greece is the host of Championship A Division.

The basketball championship 2014 for juniors will be held in Turkey and for cadets in Latvia.

The FIBA European Board adopted some changes in regard to the competition system of European Championships starting from 2017. The second group stage of competition is abolished, thus after the first phase the elimination matches will be played.

(Source: Fena)


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