3,5 Million Mobile Phone Users in B&H, Increase in Number of Internet Users

internet2In B&H, there are 3.5 million mobile phone subscribers (prepaid and postpaid), and there is an increase in the number of Internet users, of which there is more than half a million, according to the latest date of the Regulatory Agency for Communication (RAK).

The total number of active telephone lines in B&H is 859.174, while the number of the telephone services in the mobile phone industry is higher, and in the third quarter of 2013 this number is 3.448.829. More precisely, it is close to 3,5 million mobile phone numbers.

‘’It is evident that competition, as a result of the liberalization of the telecommunications market, came to life in both mobile and fixed phones. We recall that in B&H, , in addition to the three dominant telephone operators, fixed telephone services offer 13 telecom operators, which have the opportunity to establish their business in fixed telephone and choices for the users of services that they provide’’, said for klix.ba Amela Odobašić, spokesperson for the RAK.

Also, there are more users of mobile phones who decide to transfer their umber to another network. According to data from the RAK, in the third quarter this number was 5.315 users. Also, in a report it states that users of mobile services sent 410.844.747 SMS messages, and if compared with data from the previous year, there is a drop in the service of sending messages.

According to data from the RAK, the number of broadband connections through fixed networks was 500.209. 142.387 users have xDSL connection, 63.729 have fixed wireless access, and 1.350 people have Internet via leased lines, and 308 people have access via FTTh access.

At the end of 2012, there were 466.723 people in B&H with access to Internet.

(Source: klix.ba)

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