57 Couches Delivered in Maglaj Area

MS&WOODAfter recently announced that B&H furniture manufacturer MS & WOOD (“Masters and tree”) will donate 100 couches to families of the flooded areas of B&H, the first 57 couches are delivered to Maglaj area.

Couches are delivered in the area Omerdino Polje, Donji Ulišnjak, Bijela Ploča and in the Maglaj city area.

“Our employees that have started this humanitarian action  have first gonna in the field, and after they estimated the actual situation, we performed the delivery of the first contingent of the couches in the municipality of Maglaj. The action will continue in the coming weeks until we deliver all 100 couches, on which we will inform the public”,  said the director of MS & WOOD Muhamed Pilav.

Humanitarian action has started by the employes of the furniture factory in Fojnica.

(Source: Fena)

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