Session of B&H Presidency Today in Sarajevo

predsjednistvo_bihSession of B&H Presidency will be held today in Sarajevo.

In the proposed agenda is consideration of the situation caused by the natural disaster in B&H and the estimate of damage and losses, needs and priorities for recovery and reconstruction, the implementation of conclusions of the Presidency of B&H and the international donors’ conference in Brussels on 16 July.

It will be reviewed the decision on the proposal destruction of ammunition and mines B&H Armed Forces, Report on Budget of B&H institutions and international commitments of B&H for 2013.

B&H Presidency will consider the Draft decision on accepting the agreement and signatory to the agreement on the grant for the Global Environment (Project and reduction of environmental pollution of the Adriatic Sea) between B&H and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development in function for the operational implementation Agency of the Global Environment Fund, the agreement on project between KfW, Frankfurt am Main and B&H, represented by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury (“Borrower”) and the Federation of B&H, represented by the Federal Ministry of Finance (“Federation”) and the municipality of Tuzla and Zenica (“Agency for execution of the project”) , the water supply and sewage systems in B&H II and the financing Agreement and the project between KfW, Frankfurt (KfW), B&H (“Recipient”) and the FB&H (“Federation”) and the municipality of Tuzla and Zenica (“Implementers project”), and program of water supply and waste water in B&H II (Project), announced the Department of PR of the Presidency of B&H.

(Source: Fena)

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