82 Percent of BiH’s Population Supports EU Accession

782 percent of BiH’s citizens support the accession of the country to the EU. This was one of the results of public opinion research, which was conducted in the first three-months of this year by the Directorate for European Integration (DEI).

In comparison to last year’s results, the results of this year’s research shows that there is an increase by five percent regarding the support of BiH citizens for EU accession, announced the DEI.

The creation of more jobs, guarantees of permanent peace and political stability are, according to the opinions of most of the respondents, still the most important benefits of EU accession.

Citizens see the biggest disadvantage of EU integration in the high cost of living and level of taxation in the EU, which showed a nearly 20 percent increase in a stronger position on these issues than last year.

Half of citizens believe that the fight against corruption is the most important area of reform activities in BiH.

Compared to last year’s poll, there is an increase this year by 12 percent of the number of respondents that are informed of the process of EU integration that is obtained on the Internet, even if television continues to be the favored means of gaining information.

When it comes to the accession of Croatia to the EU, 56 percent of respondents believed that this would have a positive impact on BiH, and the increased demand for labor and border safety are seen as the most positive impacts.

(Source: Srna)

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