A Book on the Use of Natural Materials for Sustainable Housing presented

bookA book by the author Sanela Klaric: “Sustainable Living – wood, sheep’s wool and straw – challenges and potentials of traditional natural materials,” was presented in the Art Gallery of B&H within the Sarajevo Green Design Festival 2015. The book is presenting the potentials of B&H construction industry when it comes to the use of natural materials.

The book, which was published by the International Burch University and printed on recycled paper, has multiple values: it is based on the current issues and innovative project practices and it is dealing with socioeconomic issues that are important for the future of our country.

Sustainable housing is housing that strives towards the optimal balance of costs, environmental impact and social efficiency. In that sense, as the author Klaric says, a lot of opportunities are opening up in our situation, but on the other side, there is also a lot of work required on the adjustment with European regulations on the path towards European integration, the application of these requirements in our industry and construction companies, and we should also improve programs within the education system, which are dealing with sustainable housing.

“In this book I am talking about the current circumstances and suggesting resources that we have in wood, sheep’s wool and straw. These are materials that are insufficiently used or that are waste, or, in case of the wood, that are not used in a sustainable way. If we take advantage of these three materials in an adequate manner, such as load-bearing or isolative construction, we could make a very good product that could find its place on the European market,” said Klaric.


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