A Great Victory for Those Fighting for a Faster Euro-Atlantic Path of B&H

WoldsethDeputies of 47 delegations of the Council of Europe with the majority of votes adopted yesterday amendments to the original text of the B&H Resolution, modifying the text in the recommendation that instead of “considering the imposition of sanctions“, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe calls for “encouraging B&H politiciansthat until the end of 2013 to fulfill the requirements on the case Sejdić-Finci.

According to the Radio Deutsche Welle, the call “to consider suspending of B&H representation in the Council of Europe” is revised into the “call to B&H political leaders that as soon as possible to adjust the Constitution in accordance to the case SejdićFinci”.

In the debate preceded by the vote on the draft text that Karin Woldseth from Norway and Egidijus Vareikis from Lithuania asked for sharp decision, even suspension of B&H from membership of the Council of Europe due to failure on the judgment implementation of the case Sejdić-Finci” could be heard the general assessment of parliamentarians that B&H should not remain isolated islandin the region that is progressing towards the EU and that the best way to help B&H is support and not suspensions and sanctions.

The Reporter of the Council of Europe Karin Woldseth stated that the rejection of her proposal onconsideration of sanctions and suspensionof B&H does not consider as a defeat. She believes that “the draftreport has served as a motivation for B&H leaders that in Brussels, at the third round of dialogue with the EU to make a step forward towards agreement.

Such an outcome of the vote in Strasbourg is rated as a great victory for all those who are struggling for a faster way of B&H towards Euro-Atlantic integration.


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