Acceptance of Application for the EU and Activation of MAP in spring

Zvizdić Application and MAP n1info.comThe reached Decision on the coordination mechanism will make the application of B&H for membership in the EU much more credible. In other words, it significantly increases the chances that the Council for Foreign Affairs and other bodies of the EU accept the application of B&H for membership in the Union, assessed the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Denis Zvizdić.

The Decision on the coordination mechanism, reached at the session of the Council of Ministers of B&H on January 26, does not prevent the possibility of blockades during decision making or declaring on certain issues from a set of questions that are to be delivered from Brussels, Zvizdić confirmed.

“In a country with such a complex constitutional and political conformation as Bosnia and Herzegovina, blockades are always possible in every part of the process, not only in the coordination mechanism. However, I think that we are more and more aware of the fact that those blockades do not harm anyone else, but that they harm all of us – the cantons, the entities, the state,” Zvizdić highlighted and added that the acceptance of the application for membership in the EU, as well as the activation of the NATO Membership Action Plan, might be expected in spring or summer this year.

In addition to the fact that 23 locations of perspective military property are registered in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina so far, which is a prerequisite for the activation of MAP, Zvizdić said that the process of registering another six such locations in the RS is currently in progress.

Answering to the question regarding the publishing of census results, Zvizdić noted that the census is being discussed from one single aspect – how many people are there in different nations in B&H. This is, according to Zvizdić, bad because this is the key document for economic or any other long-term planning for one country.

Zvizdić assessed that Bosnia and Herzegovina will manage to get a large loan from the IMF, amounting to 900 million BAM, under much more favorable conditions than the loan arrangements within the Stand-by program.


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