Activists of YIHR B&H held a mini sit-in protest

On the occasion of celebrating the National Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the activists of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a sit-in protest in front of the memorial ” The Eternal Flame” in Sarajevo.

The activists held in their hands the slogans, ” Who is responsible?”

The questions referred to the delay in the implementation of the verdict of the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg in the case of Sejidć- Finci against B&H. The slogans were intended to attract attention of the members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other officials that came in front of the memorial.

With the sit-in protest the activists claim that they wanted to warn about the institutionalized discrimination present on all levels of government, but also to pin-point at the fact that the security of the democratic society is jeopardized.

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