Activities initiated for the Safe Return of BH Citizens from Syria and Iraq


The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Information of the Ministry of Security on the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who are in the zone of conflict between Syria and Iraq, with the aim of their repatriation.

The information contains 14 conclusions, the implementation of which will ensure coordinated action of all competent structures to ensure safe and humane return and resocialization of BiH citizens, women and children, who are still in the conflict zone in Syria and Iraq.

The Ministry of Security is in charge of establishing a system and procedures for the safe, humane and controlled return and reception of these persons by establishing an effective coordination team.

Council of Ministers BiH will appoint a Coordination Team to be proposed by the Ministry of Security in cooperation with other competent institutions / agencies at all levels of government in BiH.

The team will include representatives of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, state ministries of foreign affairs, civil affairs and human rights and refugees and justice, and the BiH Intelligence and Security Agency, the State Investigation and Protection Agency, the BiH Border Police, the Police Coordination Directorate, and the Federal Police Administration.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska, the police of the Brcko District of BiH, as well as the competent entity and bodies of the Brčko District of BiH and cantonal bodies in the field of health, social protection and education, which will be engaged through the Coordination Body of the Government of the Republika Srpska and the Coordination Body of the Government of the Brcko District of BiH for the Prevention and Fight against Terrorism.

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