Actors in Serbian Army Uniforms from World War I walked through Banja Luka


On the occasion of the marking the Day of the Serbian Army’s entry into Banja Luka in 1918, a ceremonial defile called ‘’March of the Liberty of the Serbian Army’’ took place yesterday on the streets of Banja Luka.

It was a performance in which the actors and their duplicates walked from ‘’Petar Kocic’’ Park to the port of the Temple of Christ the Savior in the original uniforms of the Serbian Army from World War I and with the flags from that period.

After breaking through the Salonica Front on September 15th, 1918, the Serbian Army traveled more than 500 kilometers in 45 days, and liberated Belgrade and entire Serbia on November 1st, and entered Banja Luka on November 21st.

The March was accompanied by folklore associations and citizens. Previously, wreaths were laid on the monument of Ban Milosavljevic.

On behalf of the City, the wreath was laid by Banja Luka Deputy Mayor Srdjan Amidzic, portal reports.

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